Mother Earth
Gallery & Mining Co.
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With personal attention to client needs, the gallery's large selection of crystals span many aspects of the metaphysical, pyramids to points, pendulums, cathedrals, spheres, and more.

A virtual wonderland of nature-related toys for children featuring the finest collectibles like Folkmanis puppets and The Mountain tee shirts. There's every kind of dinosaur, snake, and (yuck) insects. There are crystal growing kits, dinosaur fossil and gemstone dig kits -- all to keep young hands busy....and kaleidoscopes to please the eye. Puzzles, rainsticks, rainbow critters, oh my! It's all here to make your gift shopping fun and exciting.

The wonderful world under the sea is represented here by beautifully colored shells, sand dollars, and starfish as well as shark jaws, pufferfish and coral.

Mother Earth carries a collection of items based on the Eastern belief of Feng-Shui, the "ancient oriental art of placement." You can find a variety of Buddha and Kwan-Yin figures in addition to a wealth of other items to represent this belief in your home decor.

The nature-oriented Mother Earth Gallery carries different crystals, rocks, and minerals uniquely selected with the customer in mind. These crystals and minerals are not only for collectors, but for anyone who appreciates any beautiful and precious object.

Mother Earth Gallery carries fine hand-crafted gemstone jewelry. These wonderful pieces are crafted by the finest artisans using gemstones, silver, and other materials. The designs are both contemporary and traditional while directed at both the most sophisticated clientele and the younger crowd. So come on in and see which one-of-a-kind piece is the perfect accessory to give, or keep for yourself.

Our collection of fossils covers a wide and fascinating range. Discover the amazing archaeological finds from ancient dinosaur footprints to trilobites to meteorites.

Our winged butterflies are represented in all their glory. The colors are astounding and they seem to be taking flight. It's truly a delight for the eyes.

Candles and incense for every style and mood can be found throughout the gallery. Our candles include, but are not limited to, those crafted from natural gems as well as relaxing salt crystal votives. 

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