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 Join us for an evening of energetic connection as we dive into the metaphysical properties of healing crystals with Monica, a certified Crystal Healer. We will touch upon various topics including how to unlock your empathic abilities, crystal shapes and properties, incorporating crystals into your spiritual practice and must have stones for beginners. 

During this Workshop you will receive an understanding of:

- How crystals work energetically and a mini meditation guiding you to connect with them

- How to use crystals to balance your energy and receive channeled messages

- Specific ceremonies to incorporate crystals into your spiritual practice

- How to use crystals to heal the physical, mental and spiritual bodies

- How to cleanse crystals of negative energy

- Crystal shapes and their meanings

- Identify 5 must-have crystals for beginners, what they represent, corresponding chakras, and specific healing ceremonies for each crystal

- Handouts will be given so participants can practice at home

Monica is a certified Plant Spirit, Crystal and Energy Healer, with a background in Business. She received a degree in business management and founded Moonlight Makes LLC 2020. This a holistic healing pursuit which brings natural products and educational workshops to the local CT community. 

Monica has been studying Herbalism for about 7 years and is passionate about creating plant based products, as well as teaching the community how to connect with the Earth's elements.

Instagram: @MoonlightMakes

Website: Etsy.com/Shop/MoonlightMakes

Email: MoonlightMakesCo@gmail.com

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