Local Artisans             

Gemstone Anklets, Pendulums, and Earrings by
Jennifer Eyth  - Stone Whisperer

Hand Painted Mandala Artwork by Jill F. Heathman

Handmade Glass Pendants with Silk-Screened Enamel Fairies & Butterflies by Silver Tree Designs

Artisan Made Mala Beads by Erin Shaw of Anjali Divine Offerings

Magnificent Wire Sculptured Trees

by Pine Hollow Studios

Hand-Poured Pure Essential Oil Blends by

Angela Gallo at The Parfumerie

Beautiful Deerskin & Buffalo Skin Medicine/Crystal Pouches from Marcia Tate-Donnell

Gorgeous Handmade Macrame Mandala Pendants by Carlos Chuquipoma

Sterling Silver Wire Jewelry by Duncan Engel

Gorgeous Recycled Wine Bottle Cheese Platters  with Adorable Cheese Spreaders from
Designs by Heidi

Personal Altars by Angel Hawk Sanctuary

Gorgeous Hand Painted Silk Scarves, Dyed Bamboo Socks and Fun Fleece Scarfs by Celeste Bellemare

Handcrafted Bison Passport Wallets and Knife Sheaths by David Gera of Darwin Creations

Fragranced Soy and Coconut Oil Candles with Gemstones and Flowers by Rooted Herbals

Peacock Feather Wearable Art by Carol Palo of The Dandelion Princess

Copper Electroformed Jewelry by Gail Scherer

Handmade Rattles and Drums by OtterDrums with supplies sourced from Washington State Native Americans. Constructed with Shamanic Ceremony in Sacred Space

Deer Rubbed Maple Wood Walking Sticks Adorned with

Crystals for Protection, Energy and Connection to our Mother Earth by Chris Jessup