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Shamanically blessed with prayer and intention

Shaman's Dawn soy candles are hand made with soy wax that is free of genetically modified materials and contain essential oils and fragrances from a French perfumery that has been designing scents since 1758. The candles are charged during shamanic ceremony with their healing intentions. This is done through prayer and shamanic ceremony to ask for the aid of helping and healing spirits. Each candle is hand poured with non-GMO soy wax to encourage sustainable and environmentally conscious alternatives for candles.

6 " tall by 3.5" in diameter

Burn Time: approx 50 hours


Fragrance Notes:

Protection: Cypress and Cedar 

Palo Santo:  Peruvian Wood 

Prosperity: Orange, Clove, Patchouli 

Focus: Peppermint and Rosemary

Healing: Rosemary and Rose Geranium 

Calming: Lavender and Jasmine 

Spirit: Frankincense and Lavender

Purification: Cedar and Rosemary

Shaman's Dawn Candles

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